The Volunteer's Journey/The Volunteer's Obstacle Course:

Why even good volunteers can stop volunteering.

The above video is an introduction to the research undertaken by Gordon Matthews, a local volunteer, who has been looking i to the issue of volunteer retention for the past 4 years. This research has taken the form of countless conversations with local volunteers and staff employed by the lcoal Voluntary and Communtiy organisations alongside the reveiwing of articles and publications relating to volunteering.

The format of this video, and the 14 videos below, comprise Gordon answering questions relating to his findings.



 Barrier 1: First Contact    Barrier 2: Interview Day  
 Barrier 3: Too Much Bureacracy    Barrier 4: The First Working Session  
 Barrier 5: Indcution    Barrier 6 Role Problems  
 Barrier 7: Teh Volunteer's First Crisis    Barrier 8: Exenses Problems  
 Barrier 9: Ethical Problems & Personality Traps    Barrier 10: Volunteers & Paid Staff  
 Barrier 11: "No Thanks"    Barrier 12: The Management of volunteers  
 Barrier 13: The Volunteer Culture & The Volunteers' Voice    Barrier 14: Time Pressures