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In such a technology-driven world, social media and online services are key to displaying community messages and advertising volunteering roles. In the current climate, we may feel we are becoming increasingly isolated and unsure of ourselves. BUT, this is, in fact, an environment where you can make a difference and bring people closer together.

Presenting Virtual Volunteering: Full or partial competition of volunteering tasks over the phone or via digital means.
This allows charities to bring together volunteers from any location, and assists in the research, promotion and development of organisations. There is a need to maintain continuity, and virtual volunteers can help keep an organisation going by moving physical activities to online.

You don’t need any special training, just an eagerness to share community messages and a willingness to learn new skills. The benefits are endless; building community values from a safe space, an end to loneliness through online socialisation and an inner feeling of accomplishment and positivity. Yet one can also bring personal skills to this role; for example, skills in graphic design, specialists or translators could be vital to keep a charity up and running.

The Canterbury & Herne Bay Volunteer Centre is looking for ‘Virtual Volunteers’ to work via computer, phone and social media to aid organisations remotely and safely. Their aim is to bring volunteers and charities together and make your interests and skills valued. If you feel you can be part of this new way to make a difference to the community please visit:

Everyone can volunteer irrespective of age, disability, location or status. Everyone has the right to make a difference.

“In great times of stress or adversity, its always best to keep busy, to plough your anger and your energy into something positive” – Lee Iacocca

Written by virtual volunteer Emily Clugston

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