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How Virtual Volunteering Can Add To Your Charity

Within the current state of the world, it seems there is a struggle to keep up the amount of good work being done. Yet, within this, comes a new opportunity: Virtual Volunteers.

The transition from physical to virtual volunteers may seem daunting, but there is so much virtual volunteers can do! It is a myth that volunteers are needed to be trained in skills, or have specific equipment to help virtually volunteer – take a look at some simple possibilities this type of help can offer:


Creation of podcasts to spread advice and positivity. 

Adding hashtags or key words on social media posts to attract attention

Building on a website/social media profile.

Transcribing and translating your work so more people can read it

Proofreading documents

Online research and monitoring of popular communities

The list is endless – check out this link for further possibilities!

Online volunteering has been part of organisations for over 30 years, and now is a great time to get to grips with something that could grow and aid your organisation. With communication and support tending to happen online more and more, the virtual take on voluntary work can really improve your organisation. It also allows your volunteers to feel more valued, as they can contribute unique skills to your work, but takes the pressure off as they can do it in a safe, isolated environment. 

If you feel your organisation could benefit from virtual volunteering, please contact us sending and email to and we can get to work on matching your organisation with the people you need.

Written by virtual volunteer Emily Clugston

Photo by Bill Oxford

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