A Sparkle Of Good Will In A World Of Turmoil

Underneath the amazing worth the NHS is doing for our country, there are many individuals whose work is going unnoticed. People, amidst the turmoil, are finding creative ways to liven spirits.

The Apricot Poodle Knitting & Art Gallery is one of them that deserves some appreciation and support. Val Posener and her team of volunteers have been knitting customised key workers’ dolls for free, to warm hard-working staffs’ hearts. They tailor each doll to the person receiving, whether that be a funky hairdo, rainbow or a specific outfit.

They want to bring individuality and character to all of their crafts! All they ask is that you cover postage and if possible donate to the NHS. None of them are doing this for public praise, or for their own benefit, it is all out of the kindness of their hearts. Their dedication to boosting the spirit of our tireless workers is outstanding and should be recognised. 

Mental health and morale at this time can be extremely unsettled and low, which is why pure acts of kindness like this can really benefit people, particularly those who are working at high risk to save our lives. It is at times like this the amount of heroes working tirelessly can just get buried under the turmoil of this pandemic. On the other side, sometimes the amount of public support like the weekly “clap” is appreciated, but also overwhelming, which is why subtle, yet personal support is also key, to remember you are not lost amongst the NHS; you are uniquely you.

These dolls allow that personal touch of thanks to be received, as well as something made with love to cherish. As the knitting group put it – “therapeutic help.”

To see their amazing work please click here

If you have free time and love to knit please send a message to

& to donate click here

Written by virtual volunteer Emily Clugston

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  1. Watching what Vally started off doing, all on her own to start with, has grown into a fantastic and unique NHS funding group, which just continues to grow from strength to strength with Vally at the helm, is truly wonderful.

    I am honoured to be part of it, with my little bit of artistic input.

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