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Slowly back to work

As the country is slowly getting back to work, many organisations are preparing for how they will cope with the easing of the lockdown.

The extent of virtual working during the lockdown will have significant effects on how people will work and volunteer in the years to come.  In terms of volunteering, there are already many ways in which people can contribute such as administrative work, social media development, accountancy, photography and video editing, research. . . in fact the list is almost unlimited!

The benefits of remote or virtual volunteering can clearly be seen in enabling people with disabilities, in remote/rural areas or on a low income being able to volunteer, increase their engagement with the community and community organisations, share their skills and decrease social isolation and loneliness.

For organisations other potential benefits of this type of interaction include, an increase in the diversity of volunteers for different sections of the population including younger people who are well versed in internet use; people who are housebound or have some other disability; people living in rural or remote locations; people on a low income, increase ability to cater for beneficiaries in different ways and to increase ability to fund raise or promote service provision as a result of adopting virtual volunteering opportunities (social media in particular).

2020 will be seen as a pivotal year for many reasons including re-evaluating what is important for all of us and, in terms of organisations, employees & volunteers, opening new ways of looking at how people can work in a more ecological, effective and productive way.

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