Volunteering is “in”!

Over the past two months, a surge of ten million adults has applied to volunteer, to help create stronger communities.  Volunteering roles can be as simple as shopping for the vulnerable, dog walking, to being part of the running of organisations themselves (i.e trustees). Social media has also massively helped during these volatile times, allowing the promotion of what needs to be done for the good of all, as well as connecting the vulnerable and lonely.

The economic value of volunteering in this period has been estimated to be the equivalent of more than £360 million a week! 

In particular, during the coronavirus lockdown, the release of the NHS Volunteering App saw a surge of people registering to help nationwide. In a time of pure helplessness for so many, volunteering has given people a degree of control over their lives and their world. Levels of volunteering have not been this high since World War 2, which is a great reflection on communities coming together in times of global difficulties. There is a real sense of community spirit between people. . . a silver lining amidst the Covid-19 outbreak.

It is amazing to see this rise in volunteering, and we sincerely hope that this surge will continue well into the future.

To find new volunteering opportunities, please click here.

Written by our virtual volunteer Emily Clugston

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