Virtual volunteering | Workshop

Everything you need to know about Micro volunteering

Micro volunteering opportunities are easy, quick, low commitment actions which are increasingly attractive to both volunteers and organisations alike.

This session aimed at:

Organisations who:

  • Wish to quickly expand their volunteering offer
  • Are interested or thinking about attracting virtual/micro volunteers
  • Want to quickly and easily increase their range of volunteering opportunities
  • Wish to increase the diversity of their volunteers
  • Want to attract more volunteers

Volunteers who:

  • Wish to volunteer but lack time
  • Cannot volunteer due to location, disability or cost
  • Want to increase their skills
  • Want to try out new things
  • Want to “give back” in a way which fits in with their lifestyles

This session will cover:

  • Definitions of micro volunteering
  • The Benefits of micro volunteering
  • Why you should utilise micro volunteering
  • Why you should participate in micro volunteering
  • Examples of of micro volunteering opportunities
  • The creation of a micro volunteering programme
  • Who can micro volunteer and why
  • Micro volunteering myths

We would like to thank the National Lottery Community Fund for their support in enabling this project.

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