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How has micro-volunteering helped us?

During the first lockdown, it was hard to keep motivated in any project. The future seemed blurry and uncertain, as it continues to be, and it was difficult to put goals into perspective.

Regarding volunteering, this year has seen a massive change, with so many new rules and limitations coming into play. Many valuable volunteers are shielding or simply not volunteering any more due to their age or disability. Of course, protecting yourself is the smartest thing to do, but it can be disheartening if you can’t help out in the way you are used to. However, charities need help. Now more than ever.

We at CHBVC are here to help and support you. Our team has experienced challenges too, yet those closed doors have opened new ones. Our virtual volunteering project started in February 2020. The project had several stages, and all was running well until we had to close our office and adapt to working completely from home. However, as the staff become virtual too, the transition was easy and powerful and allowed us to connect in ways not possible, or considered before. This also provided a sense of community, despite no one being in the same space at the same time.

It was at this point that micro-volunteering came into its own. It allowed us to break down our volunteering tasks into smaller, manageable ones, and assign them to the people who suited them best. This flexibility allowed people to gain new skills or to improve their cv, all from the comfort of their home. We were able to recruit more people due to the variety of tasks, expanding our outreach.

One part of our project consisted of researching in different areas, all online. We sent the offer and four available volunteers completed each of their parts in a fast and effective manner. We couldn’t have been more pleased with the results. Thank you to Amelia Power, Richard Curtis, Peter Newport and James Heseltine. One of the volunteers, Richard Curtis, recruited 3 more volunteers, Jerri Everet, Nino Abdulle and Nicky Woods, to help complete the project. Thank you to all for the help and dedication.

We thought at the beginning that the development of the project would slow down, but in fact, with the help of our virtual volunteers and micro-volunteering, we were able to advance it exponentially.

We aim to help you do the same. To divide big tasks into smaller ones so you can offer them to virtual volunteers, who have the spare time to help your organization. We want to enable you to reap the benefits micro-volunteering in the same way it has benefited us!

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