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Improving your CV

It is disheartening to watch the news and learn how many people have already lost their jobs and that many peoples’ jobs are on the verge of disappearing.

In many meetings at the CHB Volunteer Centre, we have been talking about how we can help people to gain new skills and improve their CV’s, to help them find a new job or even start a new business.

Our first advice is aligned to the core function of our organization, as we help people to find volunteering roles to improve their existing skills or to gain new ones; finding a volunteer role that will help in this regard can be an excellent strategy:

. You will gain experience
. Increase the offer of your skills on your CV
. Show proactivity and resilience in times of difficulty, like the one we are all living now

You can find volunteering opportunities on the Do-it website:

You can also improve your skills and knowledge with free and useful courses, such as free courses offered by:

the Government
and Vision2learn

When you are writing your CV and cover letter and would like to have a grammar check before sending it, you can use these programmes for free:

or LanguageTool

The best advice we can give you is that, in times of crisis, pandemic, or even during an economic expansion of the country, searching for a job can be difficult but, by volunteering, you can put yourself in a much better position to gain employment.

So, in anticipation of your endeavours, we look forward to hearing from you in the near-future!

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