Volunteer Coordinators Networking Event

We would like to invite you to our forthcoming networking event so that we can catch up with you on ‘what is working and not working’ in the district in regard to volunteering and where, if possible, we can be of help.

We would also like to let you know what we’ve been up to both locally, regionally and nationally.

We are keenly aware that the pandemic has had a profound affect on all of us in terms of our services, our volunteers and our beneficiaries so, if you’d like to share your experiences, thoughts or just let off some steam, do come and join us for this session.

At this event we will:

  • review recent activities
  • present a financial report
  • discuss our intentions for the future

As an additional aspect this year, we are proposing to change our name from the Canterbury and Herne Bay Volunteer Centre to the Canterbury District Volunteer Centre so as to reflect our actual reach across the Canterbury district:

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