Virtual Volunteering Webinar

On the 30th of June at 14:00 we will be presenting our new Virtual Volunteering project. This is an introductory session aimed at: Organisations who: Wish to find out more about this new service Are interested or thinking about utilising virtual volunteers Want to increase their range of volunteering opportunities Wish to increase the diversityContinue reading “Virtual Volunteering Webinar”

Crafting For Carers

With the weekly claps ceasing last week, it is important to remember the dedication and hard work being carried out by the NHS still during these tough times. So when individuals join together and volunteer tirelessly to help our key workers, it must be recognised. At approx. 300 members on Facebook, with 200 not onContinue reading “Crafting For Carers”

Volunteering is “in”!

Over the past two months, a surge of ten million adults have applied to volunteer, to help create stronger communities.  Volunteering roles can be as simple as shopping for the vulnerable, dog walking, to being part of the  running of organisations themselves  (i.e trustees). Social media has also massively helped during these volatile times, allowing the promotion of what needs to be done for theContinue reading “Volunteering is “in”!”

Volunteers’ Week

From the 1st to the 7th of June the UK celebrates volunteers and says thank you to them for the contribution they make and raises awareness about the benefits of becoming a volunteer and the diverse volunteering roles that are available. This year this is even more relevant to be grateful for all that volunteers have done since theContinue reading “Volunteers’ Week”

Mental Health under Lockdown

With the inescapable topic of Covid-19 being on everyone’s lips, it is unsurprising that is having a profound effect on all our mental health ranging from low mood to constant anxiety, to the general feeling of un-comfortableness but this is perfectly understandable and perfectly natural to feel like this. So,  why does lockdown feel so challenging?  Given the uncertainty in our country at the moment, with some news reportsContinue reading “Mental Health under Lockdown”

Slowly back to work

As the country is slowly getting back to work, many organisations are preparing for how they will cope with the easing of the lockdown. The extent of virtual working during the lockdown will have significant effects on how people will work and volunteer in the years to come.  In terms of volunteering, there are already manyContinue reading “Slowly back to work”

A Sparkle Of Good Will In A World Of Turmoil

Underneath the amazing worth the NHS is doing for our country, there are many individuals whose work is going unnoticed. People, amidst the turmoil, are finding creative ways to liven spirits. The Apricot Poodle Knitting & Art Gallery is one of them that deserves some appreciation and support. Val Posener and her team of volunteersContinue reading “A Sparkle Of Good Will In A World Of Turmoil”

How Virtual Volunteering Can Add To Your Charity

Within the current state of the world, it seems there is a struggle to keep up the amount of good work being done. Yet, within this, comes a new opportunity: Virtual Volunteers. The transition from physical to virtual volunteers may seem daunting, but there is so much virtual volunteers can do! It is a mythContinue reading “How Virtual Volunteering Can Add To Your Charity”

Bring people closer together

In such a technology-driven world, social media and online services are key to displaying community messages and advertising volunteering roles. In the current climate, we may feel we are becoming increasingly isolated and unsure of ourselves. BUT, this is, in fact, an environment where you can make a difference and bring people closer together. PresentingContinue reading “Bring people closer together”