How Virtual Volunteering Can Add To Your Charity

Within the current state of the world, it seems there is a struggle to keep up the amount of good work being done. Yet, within this, comes a new opportunity: Virtual Volunteers. The transition from physical to virtual volunteers may seem daunting, but there is so much virtual volunteers can do! It is a mythContinue reading “How Virtual Volunteering Can Add To Your Charity”

Bring people closer together

In such a technology-driven world, social media and online services are key to displaying community messages and advertising volunteering roles. In the current climate, we may feel we are becoming increasingly isolated and unsure of ourselves. BUT, this is, in fact, an environment where you can make a difference and bring people closer together. PresentingContinue reading “Bring people closer together”

Getting ready for Virtual Volunteering Workshop

As part of our new Virtual Volunteering initiative, we would like to invite you to our forthcoming workshop. This is an introductory session aimed at organisations who: Wish to find out more about this new service Are interested or thinking about utilising virtual volunteers Want to increase their range of volunteering opportunities Wish to increaseContinue reading “Getting ready for Virtual Volunteering Workshop”

Virtual Volunteering

We are piloting this project in the Canterbury district as this district has a mix of both urban and rural areas.  We aim to work with a number of organisations to explore and co-produce resources to support and increase the development of virtual volunteering opportunities across the District. In terms of volunteers, we will beContinue reading “Virtual Volunteering”