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Mental Health under Lockdown

With the inescapable topic of Covid-19 being on everyone’s lips, it is unsurprising that is having a profound effect on all our mental health ranging from low mood to constant anxiety, to the general feeling of un-comfortableness but this is perfectly understandable and perfectly natural to feel like this. So,  why does lockdown feel so challenging?  Given the uncertainty in our country at the moment, with some news reportsContinue reading “Mental Health under Lockdown”

Slowly back to work

As the country is slowly getting back to work, many organisations are preparing for how they will cope with the easing of the lockdown. The extent of virtual working during the lockdown will have significant effects on how people will work and volunteer in the years to come.  In terms of volunteering, there are already manyContinue reading “Slowly back to work”

Bring people closer together

In such a technology-driven world, social media and online services are key to displaying community messages and advertising volunteering roles. In the current climate, we may feel we are becoming increasingly isolated and unsure of ourselves. BUT, this is, in fact, an environment where you can make a difference and bring people closer together. PresentingContinue reading “Bring people closer together”

Virtual volunteering Mission

Since 2007 the Canterbury & Herne Bay Volunteer Centre has been supporting, promoting and developing volunteering opportunities within the Canterbury District. As technology continues to evolve, people are looking for new ways to volunteer in a non-traditional way keeping up with the new technologies and trying to better time-manage their lives in this busy world.Continue reading “Virtual volunteering Mission”

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