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A Sparkle Of Good Will In A World Of Turmoil

Underneath the amazing worth the NHS is doing for our country, there are many individuals whose work is going unnoticed. People, amidst the turmoil, are finding creative ways to liven spirits. The Apricot Poodle Knitting & Art Gallery is one of them that deserves some appreciation and support. Val Posener and her team of volunteers…

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Bring people closer together

In such a technology-driven world, social media and online services are key to displaying community messages and advertising volunteering roles. In the current climate, we may feel we are becoming increasingly isolated and unsure of ourselves. BUT, this is, in fact, an environment where you can make a difference and bring people closer together. Presenting…


Virtual volunteering Mission

Since 2007 the Canterbury & Herne Bay Volunteer Centre has been supporting, promoting and developing volunteering opportunities within the Canterbury District. As technology continues to evolve, people are looking for new ways to volunteer in a non-traditional way keeping up with the new technologies and trying to better time-manage their lives in this busy world….

Virtual volunteering

Virtual Volunteering

We are piloting this project in the Canterbury district as this district has a mix of both urban and rural areas.  We aim to work with a number of organisations to explore and co-produce resources to support and increase the development of virtual volunteering opportunities across the District. In terms of volunteers, we will be…



We run regular workshops and training session for both volunteers and organisations that utilise volunteers. Our aim with these events, is to both increase volunteers’ knowledge and awareness of the opportunities available to them and to engage organisations to better manage their volunteers. For further details of current events please refer to our News page…



Currently, we operate a small face to face befriending service matching individuals who are isolated or lonely with volunteers who provide social contact and support on a regular basis. We also operate a telephone befriending service. We aim to match the volunteers to a specific clients needs. Every volunteer has to undergo a DBS check….